About Us

Steinberg Law Offices is one of Israel's premier boutique real estate law firms, with a unique specialization in accompanying foreign clientele in purchasing real estate property in Israel.

The firm’s staff accompany private and commercial clients, entrepreneurs and investors in various real estate transactions, including complex cross-border transactions, all while providing exceptional, professional and quality services to the firms local and international clientele. The firm’s services are applied through a business oriented and creative point of view to resolve the various legal issues at hand.

In addition, the firm provides a wide range of legal services in areas related to the field of real estate, including urban renewal, real estate taxation, planning and construction and commercial law – all under one roof.

The firm’s staff handles large-scale projects and transactions, matters that require many years of experience and familiarity with the various entities in this field (including banks, real estate registration bureaus, the JNF and the Israel Land Authority), as well as creativity and innovative thinking in order to find suitable legal solutions and to execute complex transactions.

The firm holds unique expertise and experience in accompanying foreign residents and citizens in purchasing real estate properties in Israel, as well as all the traits required to carry out transatlantic transactions- the ability to conduct cross-border negotiations, extensive knowledge of the laws in different countries as well as familiarity with the various institutions in Israel and a multilingual staff. 

The firm also accompanies entrepreneurs in complex urban renewal projects (TMA 38 and “Pinui Binui”) and has many years of experience in purchasing properties from contractors, representing contractors as well and transactions within purchasing groups.

The firm’s staff is led by Adv. Yitzchak Steinberg, a renowned lawyer with extensive experience in the real estate field and is highly regarded among colleagues both in Israel and overseas. Adv. Steinberg has many years of acquaintance with real estate professionals in Israel and abroad, authorities and statutory bodies, giving the firm an advantage in managing transactions and resolving crises.

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