Purchase & Sales Of Real Estate Assets

Steinberg Law Offices is highly experienced in accompanying private clients in purchasing real estate properties from contractors, as well as representing contractors in their sales of real estate assets. The firm’s staff also specializes in purchasing residential properties for its clients in Israel and overseas.

Purchasing Real Estate Properties from Contractors

Our firm understands that the purchase of a home from a contractor, is generally one of the most significant purchases one makes in his/her lifetime. Therefore, we are committed to assisting our clients throughout the purchase, starting from an extensive property inspection, negotiation of the purchasing terms, providing legal solutions to obstacles that may arise during the process and up until the final stage transferring the property to the buyer.

The firm also specializes in representing entrepreneurs and contracting companies, providing them with ongoing legal advice throughout all stages of the real estate project and property sale. Our firm represents its clients in front of  banks and financing bodies, state authorities, planning and zoning committees, subcontractors and other involved parties.

The firm’s familiarity with the various authorities and entities pertaining to the transaction, along with the firm’s extensive knowledge in the real estate field allows us to provide quality legal services to our clientele throughout all stages of the project.

Purchase and sale of Properties

The firm’s staff has extensive experience in handling various real estate transactions such as: office buildings, apartments, warehouses, plots of land, and more – transactions that require in-depth legal expertise and inspections of the property before the sale or purchase.

The firm’s staff has accumulated years of experience and knowledge that are required in order to handle such transactions, allowing the firm to provide top-notch legal services while conducting all the necessary inspections and precautions for its clientele prior to the transaction.

Our staff accompanies its clients throughout all stages of the transaction- from the necessary property inspections, proceedings with various parties (including banks, authorities, local councils, etc.) to the sale process and property registration.

The firm’s staff also has special expertise in assisting foreign clients in the purchase and sale of real estate in Israel from overseas involving various jurisdictions, the relevant authorities and  local counsel from around the globe.

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