How to Choose an Attorney for an Urban Renewal Project in Israel?

How to Choose an Attorney for an Urban Renewal Project in Israel?

How to Choose an Attorney for an Urban Renewal Project in Israel?

In the previous article I explained how urban renewal projects in Israel work. The scarcity of land for new construction in Israel, and the consequent national housing shortage, led the Government to develop this solution. According to projections by the Planning Administration and the National Economic Council, urban renewal (TAMA 38 and Pinuy Binuy) will account for 30% of all construction in the Jerusalem District and 60% of all construction in Tel Aviv in 2026-2030. Urban renewal projects should, therefore, be familiar to anyone investing in Israeli real estate. Urban renewal projects are composed of many complexities and details. Usually, apartment owners do not have the required experience or legal knowledge to protect their rights. Only a professional lawyer, one who is constantly involved in this field, can examine the “fine print” safeguarding the owner’s property. This article examines the criteria when selecting the right lawyer for the job.

A good lawyer is expected to:

  • Formulate contractswith the various parties involved. Real estate contracts are content-rich and of great financial value; it is crucial that they be created by a professional familiar with all the nuances and represent the apartment owners against the various parties involved.
  • Take care of the legal guaranteesfor the rental and for the apartment
  • Save time and money and aggravation
  • Protect your property and your interests

Warning! Do not let the contractor choose or offer an attorney of his own or suggest an attorney he knows or works with. The lawyer must come from you!

Tips for selecting the law firm:

  1. Is the law firm professional? Contact a number of firms, and examine their professional ability to represent apartment owners throughout the project. It is important that they have the ability to evaluate the contractor’s skills, what law firm is he represented by, to rectify the joint house order, register rights and return guarantees and liens.
  2. What experience do they have?Ask the law firm whether they have represented other urban renewal projects and what experience they have formulating contracts with construction companies, as well as their experience in representing apartment owners in TAMA 38 projects and evacuation and construction projects (Pinuy Binuy). It is to your advantage to engage a law firm that has represented building owners as well as contractors. These firms usually have a better understanding of the complexities and intricacies of urban renewal projects.
  3. Communication, Level of Service and Chemistry. Choose an office that you feel comfortable with, a person you feel you can connect to and trust. Check that there is chemistry between you and the lawyer who will takes care of the project. It is always preferable to work directly with the owner of the firm. Your project is important and of great financial value and you should expect to receive thoughtful and professional attention throughout the legal process.

Congratulations, you have chosen a law firm. What’s next?

Coordinate expectations in advance regarding the different stages of the process: the outcome expected from the lawyer at each stage, the frequency of the communication with him and his availability. Take care of all the details so that there are no surprises down the road. The lawyer you have hired is supposed to protect your interests and yours alone – not the interests of the contractor.

The chosen lawyer will formulate the final agreement and go over all the clauses of the tender in order to confirm that it is ready to be signed by the apartment owners. A professional lawyer knows how to examine all the critical elements, including the bank guarantees that need to meet the appropriate requirements.

I hope this article has provided you with the required knowledge and tools to choose a professional lawyer to represent apartment owners in an urban renewal project. Should you need more information you are welcome to ask question in the comment section below or to contact me personally. I wish you success on your urban renewal project.

  1. Steinberg & Co. is a real estate law firm that specializes in representing foreign residents and assisting them at every stage of the purchasing process. We are experienced in handling the process of property purchases in Israel for non-Israelis.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general information to the subject matter and is not a substitute for legal consultation. Specific legal advice should be sought in accordance with the particular circumstances.

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