Purchasing Groups

Purchasing groups make up a complex and challenging field that involves many risks given its unique nature, uncertainty and the number of involved parties.

Steinberg Law Offices has extensive experience and knowledge in representing purchasing groups throughout a project’s lifecycle – from the initiative to purchase a project until the end of construction and sale of the apartments.

The firm is aware of the risks involved in these types of projects, and strives to protect our client’s interests and the success of the project by inspecting all bodies involved in the project, examining conflicts of interest, conducting negotiations with the various parties in an informed and calculated manner, examining approvals and permits, drafting agreements and providing legal opinions and advice throughout the project in order to minimize risk.

The firm’s staff is updated and knowledgeable in all the various laws required for such transaction providing the necessary legal advice with regard to contracts with financing agents, dealing with various land authorities, providing ongoing advice to group institutions, dealing with group service providers. The firm also advises with regard to the proceedings against infringing partners, checking building permits and the quality of the land in terms of property and planning, providing legal advice in the construction process and more.

The firm’s lawyers have the necessary business orientation along with the professional legal know-how that allows the firm to provide broad legal advice with regard to projects of this type, while paying attention to the fine details to provide the maximum legal protection to our firm’s clients.

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