Urban Renewal

Steinberg Law Offices represents clients in various urban renewal matters, such as TAMA38 and Pinui Binui projects.

Despite urban renewal being a relatively new area in Israel’s real estate field, the firm’s lawyers have acquired the knowledge, experience and abilities to keep up to date with
all the innovations in case law and legislation in this field, in order to manage such projects with proficiency and success.

The firm represents a wide range of clients in the field of urban renewal – entrepreneurs, contractors and tenants all while possessing the high professional skills required to handle all matters in this complex field, as well as having the sensitivity required for these matters, which often involves emotional distress from various parties.

Urban renewal projects are often complicated and involve quite a few complex procedures, both legally – and commercially. The firm’s staff provides not only professional legal advice, but also a business perspective to examine the feasibility of the transaction before the various bodies.

The firm accompanies its clients from the initial stages of the project and throughout, until the delivery of the final product when it reverts back to the tenants.

Due to the complex nature of these type of projects, experience and familiarity with the bodies involved in the project- such as local authorities, planning committees, the Land Registry Office and the Israel Land Authority- are crucial to the successful completion of the project. The firm has over two decades of experience in handling urban renewal projects making us uniquely adept at handling these projects.

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